Newark, CA Class Schedule

Engineering and Entrepreneurship: Level 1

Grade: 7-10
We live in an amazingly high-tech world, surrounded by electronic gizmos and gadgets. Because our lives are so infused with electronics, everyone – engineers, educators, entrepreneurs, students, and artists alike – can greatly benefit from learning more about them. Understanding how to read schematics, solder, program, and build circuits instills a unique understanding of the world we live in; not to mention, hacking and making with electronics is just plain fun! Anyone can (and should!) learn electronics. It’s just a matter of finding somewhere to start. Start here!  learn more

Game Development Academy: Level 1

Grade: 5-8
Game Development Academy is a multi-year track where kids learn game design and development with the goal to launch apps in the app store! Kids will learn coding, game design, and physics. As kids progress through various levels in the Academy, we’ll introduce new concepts and tools with progressively increasing complexity. learn more