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Newark Class Schedule

Engineering and Entrepreneurship: Level 1

Grade: 7-10
We live in an amazingly high-tech world, surrounded by electronic gizmos and gadgets. Because our lives are so infused with electronics, everyone – engineers, educators, entrepreneurs, students, and artists alike – can greatly benefit from learning more about them. learn more

Engineering and Entrepreneurship: Level 3

Grade: 7-10
Everything is connected. Your coffee machine can stream music, your refrigerator can remind your car to pick up groceries, and your sprinkler systems check weather data before watering your lawn. learn more

Sunnyvale Class Schedule

Game App Design for iOS and Android

Grade: 4-6
Ever wondered how mobile game apps are made but didn’t know where to start. Start here! Put your gaming experience and imagination into action. We will start with the very basics of installing and configuring GameSalad, introduce you to the tools, and develop a complete mobile game. learn more