Engineering and Entrepreneurship- Level 3

Grade Level : 7-10         Difficulty Level : Intermediate         Duration: 11 weeks, 2 hours per week         Registration Closed


Everything is connected. Your coffee machine can stream music, your refrigerator can remind your car to pick up groceries, and your sprinkler systems check weather data before watering your lawn. We are living in an era in human history where the cheapest computer costs $9 and everyday devices are increasingly smart. The Internet of Things has become one of the hottest topics in tech and everyone from appliance manufacturers to car companies has jumped on the bandwagon. Do you want to help build the smart products of the future, or develop an embedded system for BMW?

In Level 3 of Engineering and Entrepreneurship we’ll continue building programmable gadgets, but with an increased focus on connectedness. Students will learn the fundamentals of computer networking, build smart gadgets that talk over the internet, and develop companion applications to control their creations. This is a perfect class for students interested in developing hands-on expertise in designing and developing for the Internet of Things.


About Arduino

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for anyone making interactive projects. Introduced in 2005, the Arduino platform was designed to provide an inexpensive and easy way for hobbyists, students and professionals to create devices that interact with their environment using sensors and actuators.



Who should take the programming class?

This class is designed for any student entering 7th grade through 10th grade. Students must have completed Engineering and Entrepreneurship - Level 2.

What is your make-up class policy?

There will be NO MAKEUP CLASSES and NO MISSED CLASS CREDITS or extensions. Please make sure your child attends every class!

Can my child bring his/her own laptop to the class?

Yes. We require that you bring your own laptop for this class. However, Code Hobbits is not held liable for lost or damaged items. Please make sure your computer is functioning perfectly. We will not be responsible for missed instruction because of a faulty student-provided laptop. All laptops should have at least an Intel Core2 Duo processor, Wifi, and Windows 7 or newer. 4GB of RAM is recommended. Chromebooks are not supported in this class.

How many students will be in my child’s class?

Our goal is to provide low student to instructor ratio. We have found that a maximum of eight students per instructor gives enough interaction while ensuring that everyone gets plenty of personal attention.

When and Where?

Classes are held at:
Ohlone Community College Newark Center, 39399 Cherry Street, Newark, CA 94560

Class schedule:
Sundays 3:00PM – 4:50PM on Jan 29, Feb 5, 12, 28, Mar 12, 19, 26, Apr 2, 9, 23, 30
(There will be no class on Feb 19, Mar 5, and Apr 16)


$688 Tuition + $100 Materials fee for 11 weeks, ~2 hours per week.