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Pinball game for Tinker Studio class in Code Hobbits

Teaching Tinker Studio class through Visual and Kinesthetic Learning styles

Who says Newtonian physics is only for middle school kids? In our Tinker Studio class, elementary grade kids get enough opportunities to learn and master the fundamentals of middle-school physics.  We believe starting with Newtonian equations for this age group won’t help the students much. So we indulge our students in kinesthetic activities that focus […]

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Technology is not enough, Creativity is important too

Technology is not enough, creativity is important too

Talk to a group of teachers and you will find they have strong opinions about the pros and cons of classroom technology use. Many professionals believe introducing more of tech in schools is good for the kids. While many parents have serious doubts about letting their kids’ learning experience revolve around technology that includes substantial […]

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7 TED Talks to watch with your kids

With week 3 of shelter-in-place order, one of the two things in happening — 1) parents have established a new homeschool routine for their children,  or 2) parents are running out of ideas to keep kids busy. Regardless of which camp you’re in, I think we can all agree that we need to establish clear […]

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Time for creativity and connection

As we continue to adjust our class schedules with the Bay Area shelter-in-place order, I hope my message finds you, your families and loved ones safe and healthy. Many kids are at home this week and parents have reached out to me asking how to manage their kids’ learning during these uncertain times.  My response […]

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Review from the classroom: Makeblock Neuron Explorer Kit

Makeblock Neuron Explorer Kit is a excellent educational package perfect for use in classrooms. For those unfamiliar with the product, Makeblock Neuron is an electronics kit of magnetically snappable modules. The kit is designed to teach kids electronic prototyping, problem solving, and computational thinking . Each module is color-coded based upon its function — green […]

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Why bother to learn coding?

For students today, computer programming or coding is an essential skill, just like reading, writing, and math. Coding has the promise to open countless opportunities for your school going child. Whether your child is an athlete or an artist, loves music or wants to study medicine, coding can help them pursue their interests and follow […]

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CS Education Week

CS Education Week is here!!!

This week (Dec 8 – Dec 14) is Computer Science Education week! Check out this new video message by President Barack Obama, asking every young person to learn more about the technology that touches all of our lives. Happy Coding!

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Right age to start learning programming

The right age to start learning programming is…

As a programming instructor, I often get asked – “What is the right age for kids to start learning programming?”. “The earlier, the better”, I reply. Although many of our classes are designed for kids entering 5th grade (10-11 yrs old), I firmly believe that no age is too early to learn programming. Programming is not about writing […]

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