Kids today are surrounded by technology. Most kids are experts at consuming technology but find it challenging to become active participants in creating technology. We provide your child with the tools and knowledge they need to become active “creators” of technology rather than passive “consumers”. We want our kids to imagine the possibilities and create the world as they’d like it to be, not accept it for what it is. We dare our students to be wrong, to try multiple ideas, listen to alternate opinions, develop empathy, and create a knowledge base that is useful to real life as opposed to simply an exam.

​Our classes are open to everyone from every background. We are committed to making it a premier learning experience for youth in the Bay Area.


​"I love how they focus on individual needs to the students regardless of their proficiency level or academic status"

~ Erica L.

​"My son loved the camp sooooo much! Thanks to you and your staff for creating such an energized environment. Superb!!!"

~ Sheryl B.

​“We are so glad to have found Code Hobbits. My boys are no longer glued to youtube. They are making apps!!!”

~ ​Melissa N.

​“I did not recognize my daughter at all! Where did this confidence come from?”

~ ​Tina T.

​“Outstanding instructors make this program great.”

~ ​Tracy C.