What is STEAM?


STEM education stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEAM on the other hand includes arts — Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Where STEM education acutely focuses on hard scientific and engineering concepts, STEAM promotes learning scientific concepts through art. The conventional STEM education concentrates only on the four fields. It does not foster creativity and innovation that emerges from a successful blend of technology and artistic expression.

At Code Hobbits, we design all our classes at the intersection of technology and arts. STEAM is important to us because it allows our students to learn concepts and not simply memorize them. We are on a mission to teach kids to be leaders, to be problem solvers and to be future-ready. We want our kids to be able to understand the potential of “what if” while solving real-life problems. When we introduce young learners to art in the context of scientific knowledge, they develop their own models for deep scientific concepts. They confront assumptions, decompose complexity, and solve problems. One might say, they think out of the box.

There is an overwhelming number of STEM and STEAM kits available for purchase online. It is sometimes difficult to discern which ones are a good fit for your student. We’re here to talk about one kit, in particular, one we use in our classes quite a bit — Makey Makey.

What is Makey Makey? 

The Makey Makey invention kit promotes learning through creativity. Designed by Jay Silvers at MIT, the Makey Makey Invention Kit blends the physical world around you with the world of bits and bytes. Makey Makey is an excellent electronic invention kit for those who are 8 and above. It’s easy to use and teaches learners how to turn everyday objects into pieces of tech and art. The kit is perfect for beginners and experts who love to experiment and build cool stuff. It teaches them from a different perspective altogether, where learning is made fun while introducing learners to the world of electronics and basic coding. The inspiration is – anything that’s done with interest can create the future and change the world.

Here are some examples of Makey Makey projects:


You know what’s cooler than watching the videos above, make your own. Check out this step-by-step article on how to make your very own Makey Makey guitar!

Happy Making!