Technology is not enough, Creativity is important too

Technology is not enough, creativity is important too

Talk to a group of teachers and you will find they have strong opinions about the pros and cons of classroom technology use. Many professionals believe introducing more of tech in schools is good for the kids. While many parents have serious doubts about letting their kids’ learning experience revolve around technology that includes substantial amounts of screen time.

Where technology seems to be promising for the future of kids, it also has a negative distraction. There’s no question that technology can both hurt and help students. Unchecked use of tech. can fail them even though it claims to make learning easier to succeed.

What must schools do to ensure they use technology right? 

If we were to believe the prevailing myths of Silicon Valley, technology should be a boon for reinventing student learning.

But is it only technology that matters? There are other important factors that contribute to the educational outcomes and these are:

  • Social
  • Economic
  • Political

It’s sad to see the EdTech industry forget these three vital constituents of education. In Silicon Valley alone, the EdTech industry could only gather little success as most technology initiatives have proved to be more frustrating compared to the positive outcomes the render.

The current challenge is to focus on how technology and art integrates for developing a better understanding. If technology alone cannot help students to learn better, we cannot say it is playing a significant role in the education system. So, what should be done to bring in change and innovation that will transform the learning process?

The experts in the education industry have been focusing on personalizing the technology use so that it matches children’s learning styles and aptitudes. Though, it is a welcoming change from the one size fits all model, it is not enough. Our education system is rigid and groups kids on different presumptions such as:

  • Kids go to schools with the prime aim of acquiring knowledge
  • Kids are grouped by age
  • Education system has set norms to test understanding

The goal should be to educate our future generations through innovations. There is a strict need to evolve the education system and bring about much-needed changes. The focus must be on developing new ways of teaching rather than creating technologies that fit into them. When the schooling system will be more student-oriented, the use of related technology will further have a great impact on teaching and learning.

What things to focus on to understand the future of schools?

If we want students to gain a better understanding of concepts, it is important to integrate learning with creativity. Schools always focus on intelligent quotient, isn’t it right to equally value emotional and creative intelligence? Shouldn’t they care to engage the kids and provide a better learning experience? What about giving kids time for personal development and have enough opportunities where they find out the significance of creative expression?

The learning environment in schools is usually boring and monotonous, shouldn’t the idea be revisited? How would it be to teach through experimentations? And, shouldn’t the way we grade students be modified as we change our approach to teaching and learning? Is it the grade that really defines a child’s intelligence and future?

Students can learn without grades, but they can learn better when we give them the freedom to experiment and be creative.

If we want technology to be a part of our education system, we must first let our education system evolve. The prime focus should be to take a break from the old school methods of learning and teaching. When schools will introduce new methods to teach, it will lead to lots of innovations and help kids to prepare themselves to not only learn a concept from one angle but gain different perspectives. It is then, when the introduction of technology will have a profound impact on the education system.

At Code Hobbits, we realize how important creativity is to inspire young minds. We do not want to make them only active consumers of technology but the creators of technology. In our classes, we provide our students with all the necessary tools and equipment they need to become active creators of technology rather than passive consumers.

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