The world is looking for creative minds
and our students are developing cutting-edge skills to make themselves competitive
in their academic as well as professional careers. 

Spectune and Lumix: Making lights react to sound

Vandana Chari and Shree Sathiyan, are combining their interests for music and tech to create innovative products. The’ve created Spectune, a sound-reactive, light-up violin bow, and Lumix, sound-reactive LED headphones. Spectune and Lumix bring music to the ears as well as the eyes. They are very excited to explore the space where Music and Technology collide.

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Rainbo Skyz: A programmable, internet-connected, light-up umbrella!

Katy, now an 8th grader wanted to develop a product that lifts up her mood during rainy season. She did exactly that when she developed the first prototype of Rainbo Skyz in 2015. Since then, she has developed several variations of the umbrella, spoken at various conferences to show her work, and is preparing to launch a kickstarter campaign to sell Rainbo Skyz in 2018. Learn more about her product @ rainboskyz.com.

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Flora Watch: Motion-tracking, “analog” Digital Wrist Watch

In 2016 Kaushik, then a 6th grader, developed Flora Watch, an accelerometer controlled smart watch that shows analog time using an LED ring. His project was selected and showcased by Maker Ed at Maker Faire Bay Area 2016!

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Illumi-Board: Gesture-reactive LED Table Top

Nishant created Illumi-board as a “toy” project. He created a table top outfitted with 128 LEDs and several photoresistors. When you wave your hand over the tabletop, it responds by lighting the LEDs underneath. The project was a big hit at Maker Faire Bay Area 2016 where kids of all ages stopped by to play with Illumi-board. Nishant was also invited to speak about his product at reMAKE Education Summit. Check out his talk here.

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Goofy Gloves: Programmable, light-painting gloves

Jacki, the inventor of Goofy Gloves, wanted to create a product that sits at the intersection of photography and tech. Goofy Gloves are outfitted with programmable LEDs that can be used with long-exposure photography to paint with light! More recently, Jacki has created Peek, a line of programmable jewelry. She is currently validating her idea and seeking feedback from the market.

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SOS Backpack: Smart Backpack With Embedded GPS

In 2015, Kintien developed the Smart Backpack with a very specific goal - make lost hikers safe. He created a GPS outfitted backpack that informs lost hikers of their position. The backpack is also outfitted with bright LEDs that allow hikers to announce their presence to anyone in the line of sight. Keeping with the ‘safety’ theme, Kintien has also developed an Emergency Button for use the hospitals. The button is designed for hospital patients to directly SMS their nurse in an event of an emergency or urgent need.