Vandana Chari (10th grade) wins Coder Girls International Video Competition

Vandana Chari, a Rising Stars student, wins Code Girls International Video Competition for her product Spectune! Spectune is a high-tech programmable LED violin bow that creates visual feedback for the musician, making it easier for them to emphasize certain notes and soften others, thereby making the piece more enjoyable. Vandana holds a provisional patent forContinue reading “Vandana Chari (10th grade) wins Coder Girls International Video Competition”

When music and technology collide!

Shree Sathiyan (8th grade) and Vandana Chari (8th grade) are combining their interests in music and tech to create innovative products. Shree has created Lumix, fun-looking sound-reactive, light-up headphones, and Vandana has created Spectune, a sound reactive violin bow to assist beginner violin players. Lumix and Spectune bring music to the ears as well asContinue reading “When music and technology collide!”